We have over twenty years of experience in broad areas of consulting and contracting. This experience encompasses successful worldwide projects both onshore and offshore. With recent years in China, we offer those companies doing business in China our extensive knowledge and secrets of business protocol and relationships in China. The following will give the reader more information concerning how we can assist you.
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Geoprobe and associates offer the petroleum, engineering, and governmental sectors expertise in all four areas of oceanography: chemical, biological, physical, and geological.

From any aspect of operations: planning, execution, data processing, reporting - geoprobe is well equipped and experienced to work closely with your technical teams to deliver accurate data on time.


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Hydrographic Surveying and Mapping

Geoprobe and Associates have been on the forefront of precision hydrography for decades. In 1986 we were the first private company ever contracted by NOAA, the U.S. surveying arm, to perform a complete hydrographic survey of the North Shore of Lake Superior, to update the national sailing charts in that area.

This project required strict adherence to international specifications of hydrography, in calibration, sounding, positioning, horizontal control, data reduction, and mapping. The project was successfully completed and closed.

Since that time, we have been called upon to perform numerous exacting hydrographic surveys around the world. The following is a brief list: