Geoprobe Page Revision History

When                     What
--------                -------
11-27-95   Added netcrawler feedback.  Temp. removed green text.

12-05-95   Added different "at work" graphics.  Moved the guestbook

12-15-95   Moved to a better provider in Houston.  Neosoft had
           poor service and an arrogant sysop.

01-24-96   Added Professional Capabilities

02-15-96   Added JAVA Applet on header for announcements

02-25-96   Removed JAVA - too slow on load up!

05-29-96   Added META tags on  of INDEX page

06-20-96   Added Server Side Includes for revision date and size.  
           Trimmed up graphics for fasted loading.  Stay tuned for major

06-25-96   Broke up the 64K byte petroleum internet resources into 17
           sections and joined them during load-up using Server Side